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Operating System

Operating System
Section A
Introduction to Operating System Concepts   (including Multitasking,multiprogramming,multiuse and multithreadng
Types of operating system:Batch operating system,Time sharing operating system ,distributed operating system,real operating system
Various operating system Services and architecture
System program and calls
Process Management
Process Concept
Process Scheduling
Operation on process:CPU Scheduling,Scheduling Criteria,Scheduling algorithms-FCFS,  SJF,Priority Scheduling,Round-Robin,Multilevel Queue Scheduling
Section B
Memory Management
Logical and physical address space
Contiguous memory allocation and non contiguous memory allocation
Paging and Segmentation technique
Segmentation with paging
Virtual memory management
Demand Paging & Page-Replacement Algorithm
Demand Segmentation
Section C
Different types of files and their access methods
Directory Structures
Various allocation methods
Disk Scheduling,management and its associated algorithm
Introduction to distributed file system
Process Synchronization & Deadlocks
Critical Section problem
Methods for handling deadlock-deadlock prevention
Avoidance and detection
Deadlock recovery
Section D
I/O Systems : I/O Hardware
Application I/O Interface
Transforming I/O Request
Performance issue and threads
Unix System and Windows NT Overview :Unix System call for processes and file management
Shell Interpreter
Windows NT architecture overview Windows NT File system