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CPU Scheduling in Operating System

What is CPU Scheduling

CPU Scheduling is used in multi-programming operating System to schedule several processes to competing for the CPU time. In CPU scheduling only one process in running state and others will be in ready or waiting state. CPU Scheduling is used in operating system to define the order in which computer system works. It selects the next job to be admitted into the system for processing.

Types of Scheduling

Two types of Scheduling algorithms

  1. Non-preemptive scheduling
  2. Preemptive scheduling

Non-preemptive scheduling

In non-preemptive Scheduling, a scheduling decision can be made when job finishes its execution. In other words we can say that once a process has given the CPU, the CPU cannot be taken away from that process. But the CPU away from that process when a process needs an I/O event or terminate the process you cannot remove the cpu forcefully that’s why it is called (more…)

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